Academy award winner, Russell Crowe portrays Richie Roberts in the film release “American Gangster”, directed by Ridely Scott. After meeting with Daniel Stephen, President of Dynamo Films, and Joe Matriss, Jr., Richie was the first to read their latest screenplay Legend of RedHair. After which, Richie commented:

“Truthfully, I have read many books and seen many movies, but “Legend of RedHair” is by far the most original, exciting superhero story I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen." – Richie Roberts (American Gangster)*. Richie is also on board as associate producer.

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Story Synopsis: Born through a ritual of fire in the 1800’s, RedHair was created to destroy the enemies of the Native American Nation. Today,the Walkie Reservation is in danger and the mystic warrior is resurrected. This story crosses the bridge between Native American culture and modern times, the thrills of special effects,and the nostalgia of 60’s and 70’s music. A mixture of “Dances with Wolves”and “The Mummy”, a new look at the old West, and a character who can keep pace with all the major superheroes out there. Then get ready to get familiar with all the characters from the story with ancillary market products including action figures, video games, DVD’s, books among the many products which will be available.

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A. J. LoVuolo,
Creator – The Rift™

Etrenne from Attakus

The Hot Flips Crew

Dan Stephen w/ artist
Ken Kelly & friend Susan

RedHair™ Poster
Release Party

Dan w/ Tommy
from Best Comics

Michael Uslan,
Producer – Batman

Chase Masterson,
Actress – Deep Space Nine

Be on the lookout for our
6 x 4 ft Legend of RedHair poster going up in
Times Square soon.

The Darkness Girls

Darkness Girl, 'Ryan'

Richie Roberts w/ Dan on
'American Gangster' set

Dan's 1st French film
poster above 'Rocky III'

Unreleased Fan Film

Dan as Spider-Man at
French comic con

Scene from
'The Inheritor'

Worldwide Hair
Poster Campaign

Stony Man' novel
Character Model

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