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Dynamo Films, Inc. is a privately held company that owns original, copyrighted scripts, to develop into film projects, as well as spin off ancillary market products such as comic books, toys, and video games. The objective of this company is to form alliances with other companies or investors interested in bringing films capable of box office success, and ancillary products to the world market.

Dynamo has a large number of industry professionals with major credits ready to come onboard to bring these productions to fruition. The need for a “Hero” in today’s society is evident in the adult community as well as among the younger crowd. The hero can be the average dad around the corner or a fantastic comic book superhero. In either case the key to successful box office receipts is to deliver to the public the excitement they crave.

The following are copyrighted Properties Dynamo owns:

This action thriller contains the terrifying reality of child abduction. A very dangerous woman is among us. She wants only one thing, your children. Script written by a Spielberg writer, Elliot Jennings.
Alien animals turn a frail young man into a “Mutation” with special abilities, in this action adventure comedy.  Feature film, plus TV pilot for an animated series/ comic book. A cross between "Paulie" and "The Hulk".
Psychological, erotic drama of a man cross-dressing as a woman to find true love. Optional locations in Italy, France, Canada, New Jersey. Current publicity in France. Famous French artist, Guy Cambier created a painting of Marilyn Monroe especially for the film.
Three evil beings from another universe steal a scared orb from their master and flee to Earth. A Scientist and his son discover it’s secret of “Immortality”, in a race between good and evil, in an effort to save the world. (Feature/animation/comic book)
An adventurous Viking story of old, incorporates the Gods, as Thine and his "Genie in a bottle" seeks retribution in mysterious lands and through many harrowing adventures, filled with SFX.  A cross between, “Conan”, and “Scorpion King”. To be shot in New Zealand.
A modern off-beat Western, vampire comedy incorporating  SFX.


Please, only Serious parties with concrete credentials contact us for investment purposes.

Executive Biographies

Daniel Stephen (Producer, writer, actor)
As President of Dynamo Films, Inc., Daniel keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry. Attending international film festivals and markets over the years, he made associations with distributors, producers, and buyers, and learned the fine points of distribution and marketing.

Starting out in the mid 1980’s as an actor and model, his first commercial, “Jordache”, appeared nationally and during the Academy Awards. He lived in France and Italy for nearly four years starring in films, including: “WarBus”, “Warrior of the Lost World”, “2020 Texas Gladiators”,” He is Worst Then Me”, “Il Ras del Quatriere” and "Passion In Chains”, “Crash Boys”, commercials, TV, and appearing in hundreds of magazines, book covers, posters, and billboards. Dan was involved behind the camera as well, editing and learning the ropes in pre-sales for “Warbus” at Cannes Film Festival which helped generate “Warbus II”. He also had experience as assistant director, martial arts advisor and stunt coordinator on several of his films, and second unit directing.

Returning to the USA, his interest gradually began to turn towards writing and producing his own projects. Along with his projects behind the camera Dan also worked as an actor in two films under the direction of Academy award winner Brian Savengar , "The Inheritor"and Cannes Film festival winner Rene Cardona, Jr., "Man In White" and appeared in films and on TV with Timothy Dalton, Whoppi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Eric Stolz, Kathleen Turner, J. Michael Fox, Donald Pleasance, Fred Williamson, Jaclyn Smith, Mary Louise Parker, and David Chapelle as well as foreign film personalities.

Terry Woods Stephen (V. P. of Dynamo Films, Inc, casting director, writer)
Terry, at sixteen, attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and after starring in Regional Theatre went on to act Off Broadway, and in TV and films. She received a B.A. in Fine Art from the College of St. Elizabeth, and an M.A. in Fine Art from Kean University.  She also holds a teaching degree and taught many years in the New Jersey school system.  Professional credits include The Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC, studies with Jack Waltzer for many years (Dustin Hoffman's acting coach), Jon Christopher Bua, and commercial and soap classes at Actors In Advertising, NYC. She is a black belt in Karate and also studied dance, mime, plus film production at Film Video Arts Center, NYC.  Besides working as an actress, she managed an advertising department for two N.J. newspapers and worked as a casting director in NYC, casting films for producers, such as William Gerrity, who won an Academy Award for "FRENCH CONNECTION"; foreign film productions and commercials. Terry is also co-writer of "EVERY SECOND COUNTS".

Peter Hock (Stunt coordinator/Second unit director/First AD)
Peter is not an average guy.  He is knowledgeable in all areas of film stunts and was Treasurer of the Professional Stuntmen's Federation.  Listing 90 films  including: Ghostbusters, Black Rain, JFK, Cocktails, Trading Places, Ghost, FX, Goodfellas, 27 TV shows, 10 Commercials and Soaps. He worked as stuntman and coordinator, as well as an actor. He has also worked on low budget, independent film productions and a sitcom Pilot called, SOMETHING'S MISSING starring Jon Polito, as first AD. Peter has the experience and "know-how" to give audiences the action adventure that they crave.

Joseph P. Matriss, Jr. (Writer)
Joseph is co-writer of Dynamo's screenplay, " LEGEND OF REDHAIR". He studied Media Arts at Bergen Community College. He relocated to Arizona in 1981 where he worked as a Marketing Director for several retail businesses. In 1988 he established and operated, Sportsite Marketing; a firm that created, prepared and implemented all advertising and promotional material for several recreational sports businesses as well as professional and collegiate teams. Joseph hosted a sports talk show on the number one rated AM radio station in Tucson.  His knowledge of the Native American culture and locations in Arizona give an added bonus to "REDHAIR" as well as having Native American ancestry. Since moving back to New Jersey, Joseph teamed up with Daniel to bring to the screen the next super hero "REDHAIR".  With comic book super heroes making hits at the box office, Dynamo has a winner here. Joe is responsible for advertising for Dynamo Films, Inc.

Elliot Jennings (writer)
Elliot, a script doctor/ghost writer, saw the box office potential and importance of EVERY SECOND COUNTS, and agreed to co-write. This is the first time he will receive credit for his writing under his own name. Credits include: script doctor for Steven Spielberg , an ACADEMY AWARD nomination for one of his polished scripts, and an option by Stallone.

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