Academy award winner, Russell Crowe portrays Richie Roberts in the film release “American Gangster”, directed by Ridely Scott. After meeting with Daniel Stephen, President of Dynamo Films, and Joe Matriss, Jr., Richie was the first to read their latest screenplay Legend of RedHair. After which, Richie commented:

“Truthfully, I have read many books and seen many movies, but “Legend of RedHair” is by far the most original, exciting superhero story I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen." – Richie Roberts (American Gangster)*. Richie is also on board as associate producer.

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Original Screenplay by Daniel Stephen and Joseph Matriss, Jr.
Theatrical Feature Film; Comic Book Style: Action/Drama/Fantasy

LOGLINE: LEGEND OF REDHAIR™, an action adventure, incorporates drama, intrigue, suspense,comedy and the excitement of special effects into its "comic book super hero style storyline. Our hero "REDHAIR" can hold his own with other super heroes such as Superman, Spiderman, & Batman. HARRY JUSTIN JR,  Hollywood actor and stuntman is possessed  by the spirit of a revengeful Native American warrior. He, wife SARAH BLACKHAWK & brother-in-law, JOE BLACKHAWK, combat evil forces to save their tribal  land.

SYNOPSIS: We begin in the southwestern desert in the 1800's as the last members of the Red Horse Clan flees from a group of desperados out to annihilate them. With no time to spare, high on a plateau, LISTENING MAN, an ancient Shaman, and his protégé, twelve year old MUSTANG, perform a sacred ritual, to bring forth the spiritual warrior REDHAIR. During the ritual in the circle of fire, the desperados kill all but two young girls who become the protectors of the secret to RedHair's eventual  rebirth. REDHAIR is born and quickly kills them like a whirlwind, then is consumed back into the earth and  there he remains until once again the Native American Nation is in peril.

We leap forward in time to the present, as a corrupt government scientist, DR. HORATIO SIMS, discovers the strange power being emitted by the entombed REDHAIR. He enlists the help of his partial cybernetic henchman, WINSTON  P. JACKSON, III., kinky Asian assistant, PINKY CHO, who has a hidden agenda of her own, an army of hardened mercenaries headed by COLONEL COLE, to put into motion his bizarre scheme to gain control of the Walkie Reservation's sacred land and use it's secrets to further his ambitions to rule the world.

Unfortunately for Dr. Sims, HARRY JUSTIN, Jr., the only man who can stop him, has just returned to the Walkie Reservation. Harry has left L.A. and his successful career as Hollywood actor and stuntman to rekindle his relationship with his feisty Native American wife, SARAH BLACKHAWK  and renew his friendship with Sarah’s fun loving brother, JOE BLACKHAWK, the tribal sheriff. Harry, Sarah, and Joe unknowingly provide the key to unlocking the sleeping warrior, REDHAIR and the mystical world from which arises the demon, CHIEF  PAINTED CROW  and his followers, who if released will destroy everyone on Earth.

Registered with the Writers Guild of America, East 2006,  Reg. #127560

Daniel Stephen models as his character 'RedHair'.

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