The present world is in danger waiting to be reborn is an ancient warrior conjured by...
...a guy from 'Jersey'?

About the author: Daniel grew up in New Jersey, Garfield, Lodi, and Passaic and in his youth was usually a loner, shy and skinny with no confidence. His best friends were the superheroes in the comic books he read. He could not wait to go to the corner store and get the newest bunch, especially Marvel. They gave him the incentive to strive, and overcome challenges and rise above his surroundings, and sparked in him his natural artistic abilities. He drew and developed his own characters, making storylines for them, and eventually won numerous art contests as a child and young adult.
Leading forward from still pictures to movement and animation, by viewing an old film “The Dinosaur and the Missing Link” by Willis O’Brien, the grandfather of stop-motion, and his “Mighty Joe Young “won the first award for special effects, inspired Dan to animate his characters. He thought it was amazing to make your own creations come to life on paper. Dan at 9 years old, even tried to raise money with a paper route to attend the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, but could not get transportation there. Dan loved Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Pinocchio, and Dumbo and Walt Disney was a hero. He also started writing skits after watching “Little Rascals” on TV.

Another positive influence on his childhood that lifted him above his environment was the Boy’s Club, where he learned photography and made B&W prints from negatives for extra pocket money. He would like to express his gratitude to all the volunteers of the Boys & Girls Clubs, and also a special one to the mastermind from Marvel Comics, Stan "The Man" Lee, and Dan’s favorite artists: the late John Buscema and Jack Kirby, and others: Frank Frazetta, Norman Rockwell and Dali.

Using the superheroes as role models, he began to improve himself by lifting weights, running and doing hundreds of sit-ups each day. At 17, he took private Kung Fu lessons from Grand Master Peter Kwok from China, studied with Master Floyd Jones, and Lou Tafuto, CFA (combined fighting arts.) Lou had studied Bruce Lee’s system, Jeet Kune Do, and Bruce was a real life hero to Dan. Driven to achieve and excel both physically and artistically, won physical fitness contests, and brought his skills out to the community; taught at Buddy Van Boven’s school of martial arts, rape prevention at the Girls Club, gave private lessons. He loved running and while on a Walkathon with his cross-country team, even though starting 45 minutes late, caught up to the other runners after 10 miles, sprained his big toe and had to limp and run, 11miles, finishing 12th place out of 2300 people. A scout for the Junior Olympics approached him, but unfortunately, he could not pursue it.

Dan was always a “go-getter”, starting at age eight working for his father’s construction business, then had a series of occupations, eventually owned his own construction company, worked at Hart Scenic Studios, bought a house at eighteen, studied architectural drafting, and received a grant to study Physical therapy in college. All these went out the window when a friend suggested he try modeling. After seven months of making the rounds in NYC, he booked a National Jordache Commercial, one of the most popular brands of jeans at that time. It ran on TV constantly and seven times during the Academy Awards. With a portfolio and a commercial under his belt, he was on a plane for Paris, France and didn’t return to start college.

In Paris, Elite Agency represented Dan. He worked for designers Ted Lapidus, Jr., L’Oreal, Olympic Skiwear, Daniel Hetcher, Yves St. Laurent, Claude Maxime, among others.
He was seen in numerous magazines, world- wide posters and covers such as Karate magazine with a five- page spread. He met fellow American Tony Clark, from NJ a classmate of John Travolta. He sparked Dan’s interest again in the comic book genre having him play Spiderman at a show in Paris. More important he introduced Dan to a seminar in acting, The Mastery Course from London, England with Dan Fauci. The course was an inspiration and he discovered his true ambition, to act. His first film, “Ca Vas Pa Entriste” (Things Could Be Worse) appeared on the Champs-Elysees in Paris next to “Rocky III”. He had to learn his lines in French. He was also runner up for” Tarzan of Grey Stoke” directed by John Huston, but Chris Lambert clipped the role.

While living on a side street off the Champs Elysees, Dan socialized with the “in crowd” Guy LaRoche, Regine, director Just Jenkins, Ben Gazzara, and his friend and dance/acting instructor Amadeo, known for his musical productions all over France.

After seven months, Dan moved to Italy where he remained for nearly four years traveling between an apartment in Rome and villa in Milan. On his first day there, he booked an international hair campaign. The poster appeared all over the world and caught the attention of Sean Connery at a friend’s home in Spain. The friend told Dan that Sean remarked, “Dan should be the new James Bond”.

His first Italian film was a hit, “He Is Worse Then Me” with famous Italian star Andriano Celentano, and Dan appeared on the popular Maurizio Costanzo Show on Rai TV to promote it. It was one of the largest grossing films in Europe that year. Becoming a celebrity, Dan appeared in Photo Romance magazines such as “Grand Hotel” and “The Best”. Also, international magazines such as “Variety”, “Hollywood Reporter”, “Screen International”, and popular European magazines, such as , “Il Gente”, “Bella”, “Italian Vogue”; in “Novella 2000”, Dan was entered into a contest entitled, “The Sexiest Actor in The World” as voted by Europeans. He came in second to Richard Gere, beating out Harrison Ford, Tom Selleck, and Sly Stallone. Famous Italian designers, Versace, Valentino, Gucci, Cerutti, and others saw Dan as their campaign man, fashion, and showroom model. He has fond memories of Versace who encouraged him to pursue his ambition of writing and producing, as well as by directors Zefferelli and Roman Polanski.
The public saw him mainly as a charismatic action adventure hero. He studied stunt skills at the Studio DePaolis in Rome, where Bruce Lee’s “Return of the Dragon” filmed. He performed all of his own stunts, and used his martial arts background in his films; “Boss of the District”, “Warriors of the Lost World”, a cult favorite, “2020 Texas Gladiators”, “Malombra”, “Crash Boys” and “Warbus”, (received two stars in the 2003 Video/DVD Guide), filmed in the Philippines. Contractual commitment for this war film prevented Dan from accepting a role in “Ladyhawk” written for him by Lauren Shuller and Richard Donner, director of “SuperMan” and producer of “X-Men”. Dan also learned skills as stunt coordinator, make up artist, script supervisor, dubbing, editing, assistant director and speaking Italian.

Over the years, Dan attended most of the major film festivals to promote his films and became interested in film production and distribution. Many buyers expressed interest in purchasing any future films in which he may star. Christopher Reeves made a remark at breakfast in Cannes, he said Dan would be a great “Superman” if he should ever decide to retire his cape. Also, after reading the script for Bolero and approached by John and Bo Derek for the lead part, Dan decided to start writing his own scripts. Dan gained a unique knowledge of the film market, and could accurately predict what the public craved.

Returning to the USA, Dan took a break from the business for a while, got involved in real estate, married and raised a child, rebuilt an 1800 barn in New York State, and incorporated a film company, Dynamo Films, Inc. , studied at the Film Video Arts Center in New York City, and turned his treatments into screenplays.

While at the Cannes Film festival with only a treatment and a three-minute VHS trailer he had directed and produced in his backyard, Menahem Golan from the Cannon Group, viewed the trailer on “RedHair”. He said, “I love it, and want to produce it.” Talking about a $10 million budget, he wrote this agreement on a napkin, which was acceptable by many banks. They spoke several times but eventually Dan decided to decline because he did not want to film in Israel. Dan was also concerned about Menahem’s involvement in a legal fiasco concerning the rights to Spiderman.

Daniel comments on his stories, “It’s a time of innovation in film, everyone is trying to be original, touching on subject matter that hasn’t been hit on yet, or showing the mundane reality of human condition. Some of it is great, some of its bull. I want to touch on memories that bring us back to our youth and at the same time blend modern ideas, morphing reality into the present condition.
I’m excited about “RedHair” there’s something in it for everyone. I will be bringing to the public view my stories via print, movies, and television and ancillary markets throughout the world. “

When Dan takes a break from writing, he does special model bookings and magazines, as well as film and TV. He recently appeared on “Chappelle’s Show” in a spoof on the film “Ghost” as Patrick Swayze, and in a McDonald’s Commercial. He returns to Italy and France periodically to work on photo-romance serials, print and film and to visit with friends and associates, in Puerto Rico and Mexico as well. It was in Mexico, he met director, Rene Cardona, Jr. former winner of best picture at Cannes, “Santa Sangre”, and the original ‘Survive!’ Rene wrote and directed “Man in White” for Dan, after meeting him. Rene had also offered Dan the lead part of “Kali-Man”, a superhero comic book character who was very popular throughout South America, and had sold well over a billion copies. Unfortunately, Rene never secured the rights to the character before he died. Nevertheless, Dan was destined the play a superhero in the original underground video, “Gotham” playing Batman/Bruce Wayne, as well as the lead in “3 Supermen in Santo Domingo” a.k.a “Crash Boys”, a comedy.

Currently “Legend of RedHair”™© is his foremost project and is both in novel and screenplay format with a graphic novel in development. There is interest in two animated features with TV spin offs, and “Every Second Counts©”, an action, drama co-written by Elliot Jennings, a ghost- writer for Spielberg. Five other scripts are in various forms of development, all with unique subject matter. Dan has assembled a list of experienced and talented professionals to work with, in order to bring quality entertainment to the screen.Dan reveals, “More of my experiences in Europe will be revealed in my semi-biographical erotic- thriller entitled "DEAR MARILYN©." Coincidentally Dan was offered a co-production deal from an Italian Distributor for half the budget, after reading the synopsis, plus a famous French artist was inspired to paint a beautiful depiction of Marilyn just for the film.”

Dan wants to end with this comment, “It is important to set high goals for yourself and keep striving to achieve them. That’s what makes life interesting, challenging and worth living.”

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