Original story by Daniel Stephen
Screenplay by Daniel Stephen & Joseph Matriss, Jr.

“Legend of RedHair" starts out as both a novel and comic book mini-series that is only just the beginning. Soon to follow will be a live action feature filled with strong characters, dazzling special effects and dynamic action sequences.

The Story: Born through a ritual of fire in the 1800’s, RedHair was created to destroy the enemies of the Native American Nation. Today,the Walkie Reservation is in danger and the mystic warrior is resurrected. This story crosses the bridge between Native American culture and modern times, the thrills of special effects,and the nostalgia of 60’s and 70’s music. A mixture of “Dances with Wolves”and “The Mummy”, a new look at the old West, and a character who can keep pace with all the major superheroes out there. Then, get familiar with all the characters from the world of Red Hair with ancillary market products including action figures, video games, DVDs, books, and many more products which will become available.

I’d like to thank the following people for their help and inspiration:
Devon & Terry Stephen
Joe Matriss Jr.
Andrew LoVuolo, G.I.Studios
Michael Kelleher
Craig Thorner
Mark Patten
Michael Marts, Marvel Comics
Mark Hall, ( ViCPad.Net )
Richie Roberts
Bob Gould
Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Spencer Snegg
Frank Agostino
Candida Navedo
Theodore Riddle
Lou Tafuto
Marsha Wilf
Peter Hock
David Worth
Roger LaPage
Cindy Freed
Manon Ferrara
Dr. Charko
Rita Azar
Contessa Pinina Garavaglia
Tony Clarke
Dave Devries
Michael Uslan, Batman Begins
Joe Linser, Dawn
Walter Black, Acclaim Ent.
Dave Megill, Nailer Studios
Rudy Nebres
Ken Kelly
Hulda Clark
Grandma Sue Ostrowski

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